Command line crc utility
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CRC is a simple command-line utility to compute various CRC values for one or more files.

It supports three CRC algorithms (selected via --mode=<alg>):

  • crc64-ecma uses the ECMA polynomial to compute a 64-bit CRC.
  • crc64-iso uses the ISO polynomial to compute a 64-bit CRC.
  • crc32 (default) uses the IEEE polynomial to compute a 32-bit CRC. This is equivalent to the crc32 linux binary.

If only a single file is specified on the command line, then only the hexadecimal hash is printed. If more than one file is specified, the output will be


for each file.


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# Compute the default hash (crc32 w/ IEEE polynomial) of one or more files.
crc <file> [<file> ...]
# Compute the crc64 hash with ISO polynomial.
crc --mode=crc64-iso <file> [<file> ...]
# Compute the crc64 hash (with the ECMA polynomial).
crc --mode=crc64-ecma <file> [<file> ...]


This is released under the MIT license