20 Commits (master)

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  dave d167891788 separate api logic 1 year ago
  dave 1fd7edfe87 proper ssh command 1 year ago
  dave 582d3bf230 proper rsync args when restoring 1 year ago
  dave 6753fd250f requirements, obey config file rsync port 2 years ago
  dave e60e32f688 Process errors in real-time 3 years ago
  dave f53d5eb8e5 Better (still awful) error handling during backup 3 years ago
  dave c911bade2a Run backups with low nice priority 3 years ago
  dave c3261071f4 Stream tarball uploads 3 years ago
  dave 49ff19b088 Fix lint 3 years ago
  dave 0596899040 Restore support for in-place large backups 4 years ago
  dave 75282597ee Confirm rsync completions 4 years ago
  Dave Pedu 2b8221c8f5 Add exclude flag 4 years ago
  dave 14467ab346 Ignore certain rsync return codes 5 years ago
  dave 9265bcb927 Embed version in module 5 years ago
  dave e62182eb57 Fix 404 check 5 years ago
  dave d274d11d9d Handle when backup doesn't exit during restore attempt 5 years ago
  dave cd9c0f0044 Add no exec flag to disable post/pre exec functionality. Allow use of env variable to override config path. 5 years ago
  dave 94151d5fc9 Fix vars used for pre/post exec 5 years ago
  dave 228892b5e7 Add pre/post exec support 5 years ago
  dave 4c147219a7 initial commit 5 years ago