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@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
import os,sys,cgi
import traceback
from os import mkdir,rename,unlink,rmdir,utime
from os import mkdir,rename,unlink,rmdir,utime,makedirs
from os.path import exists
from os.path import join as pathjoin
from common.cgi import parse_qs,parse_auth,start_response
@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ def rotate_backups(backup_dir, max_backups=5):
return new_backup_path+'/data/'
def prepare_backup_dirs(backup_name, max_backups=5):
def prepare_backup_dirs(backup_name, max_backups=5, rotate=True):
Check and create dirs where backups under this name will go
:param backup_name: name of backup profile
@ -78,19 +78,33 @@ def prepare_backup_dirs(backup_name, max_backups=5):
if not exists(backup_data_path):
# Should always return bkname/data/0/data/
new_path = rotate_backups(backup_data_path, max_backups=max_backups)
if rotate:
# Should always return bkname/data/0/data/
new_path = rotate_backups(backup_data_path, max_backups=max_backups)
new_path = pathjoin(backup_data_path, '0', 'data') + '/'
if not exists(new_path):
return new_path
def handle_get_rsync(backup_name, sync_prev=False):
def handle_get_rsync(backup_name, sync_prev=False, force_existing=False):
Prepare a temp dest dir for an incoming rsync backup
:param backup_name: name of backup profile
:param sync_prev: disk copy the previous backup that will be rsynced on top of to save bandwidth
:param force_existing: force using existing backups (ideal for single in-place backups of very large things)
if force_existing:
backup_0 = prepare_backup_dirs(backup_name, max_backups=1, rotate=False)
# touch the backup dir
print(json.dumps([backup_0, None]))
# generate random token
now = int(time())
token = md5()
@ -102,7 +116,7 @@ def handle_get_rsync(backup_name, sync_prev=False):
if sync_prev:
prev_path = os.path.join(get_backup_dir(backup_name), 'data', '0', 'data')
prev_path = pathjoin(get_backup_dir(backup_name), 'data', '0', 'data')
if exists(prev_path):
# if we're using rsync let's cp -r the previous backup to the empty new dir.
# this should save some network time rsyncing later
@ -206,7 +220,7 @@ def handle_req():
if os.environ['REQUEST_METHOD'] == "GET" and params["proto"] == "rsync":
# Rsync prepare is GET
handle_get_rsync(params["name"], sync_prev=True)
handle_get_rsync(params["name"], sync_prev=True, force_existing="inplace" in params)
elif os.environ['REQUEST_METHOD'] == "PUT" and params["proto"] == "rsync":
# Rsync finalize is PUT