Buildbot in a container
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Buildbot master/slave image


  • Build: docker build -t buildbot .
  • Run a master: docker run -d -P -e ROLE=master --name="bb-master" buildbot
  • Run a slave: docker run -d -P -e ROLE=slave --link bb-master:buildmaster -e MADDR=buildmaster -e MPORT=9989 --hostname=slave1 -e PASS=slaveone --name="bb-slave1" buildbot

ROLE=both is available as well: docker run -d -P -e ROLE=both -e MPORT=9989 --hostname=slave1 -e PASS=slaveone --name=bb-slave1 buildbot


  • Master data persistence: -v /host/dir:/opt/buildbot
  • Check the branches for a buildbot 0.9x version. At time of writing 0.9x is horribly broken; ymmv.