Rsync/CGI server for adaptive purposes
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A nginx + cgi + sshd server for prototyping services or data hubs.

Quick start

  • Clone: git clone ssh://
  • Build: cd docker-nexus ; docker build -t nexus .
  • Run: docker run nexus


Nexus offers a couple services:


For shell related activities, an sshd daemon runs on the standard port. Username and password, by default, is nexus.

Mount /data/keys to persist host keys. Ssh public keys in /data/nexus_authorized_keys will be authorized for the nexus user.


For accessing data or calling CGI scripts via nginx on port 80.

The document root is /data/data/.


CGI scripts can be placed in /data/scripts/. Some sample scripts exist in ./examples/cgi-scripts/.

The library in scripts/nexus/ can be imported like:

>>> from nexus.cgi import *
>>> start_response()
Status: 200 OK
Content-Type: text/html



Cron is present in the container. Place tabs in /etc/cron.d.


  • Drop executable scripts into /startup.d/ for startup tasks
  • Persistance - mount /data/ somewhere persistent.


  • Allow ssh password to be set by passing an env var
  • More sample CGI scripts