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  dave 14d9271a12 workaround for missing start_pms script 5 months ago
  dave 5cc05af59d convenience makefile 1 year ago
  dave 41306e4da8 updated base image 1 year ago
  dave 992e056af7 Silence the wget download 2 years ago
  dave 8f12cbd14e Update download url 2 years ago
  dave 7e311ae869 Use latest plex version auto dl url 3 years ago
  dave 9afa9a251b Bump plex version to 1.9.4 3 years ago
  dave be60513e09 Bump version 3 years ago
  dave 00582caae6 Fix syntax error 3 years ago
  dave f5da1d8852 Bump plex version to 1.3.3 3 years ago
  dave f08688de8c update plex 4 years ago
  dave 82c825c5ce bump plex version 4 years ago
  dave 54346fd515 Bump plex version 5 years ago
  dave 39286bd4cf Use sudo instead of su 5 years ago
  dave 46c99f7eca update readme #nobuild 5 years ago
  dave 32b046a34b update readme #nobuild 5 years ago
  dave a87c9b4ce7 README.md 5 years ago
  dave 7a2fa116e4 initial commit 5 years ago