UWSGI container
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Docker Pythonapp

For running uWSGI python3 apps.


  • build image: docker build -t pyapp .
  • build a python3 app. for example, in a folder called testapp
  • testapp/app.py is the main wsgi file. var application must be a wsgi callable.
  • testapp/requirements.txt is used by pip to install required modules
  • app/static will be mapped to http://server.address/static/
  • run container: docker run -p 80:80 -v /localpath/to/appdir/:/home/python/app/ pythonapp

Example app:



  • Figure out a way to run apps in "test" mode (I.E. CherryPy / Flask builtin server w/ debug mode)
  • Easier way to change uwsgi ini file. (Maybe, override defaults if appdir/uwsgi.ini is present?)
  • Multiple apps in a single container?