Rivendell (and X desktop) in a container
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Rivendell & Docker

How to use:

  • Install docker
  • Clone this repo; cd into it
  • Create an image in Docker: docker build -t rivendell . (this step takes about 20 minutes)
  • Start a new container using the image: docker run -d -p 5900 -p 8000 -p 22 rivendell


After using the exact commands above, docker ps will show you what ports on the docker host have been mapped to the container. Of course, you can use -p hostport:containerport like -p 666:22 to specify what ports to use.

SSH - exposed on port 22: Username & password is rduser.

VNC - exposed on port 5900: Password is rduser

Icecast - exposed on port 8000: Admin panel is username admin password rduser. (No authorization needed to simply view streams.)

What it does by default

Creates and installs a Rivendell server, with the barebones software components to play audio and see how a full Rivendell stack would behave.

  • SSH: a ssh server runs to allow easy remote access to inspect the docker container's internals

  • Icecast: a stream (named simply "stream") is made available. It's silent until RDAirplay pushes audio to it.

  • VNC: a VNC session providing minimal desktop functionality is started

  • JACKD: runs invisibly behind the scenes

  • Rivendell: a RDAirplay window is brought up by default

To "hear" the system working, all a user needs to do is press Add in RDAirplay, select an audio file, and press Start.

Known Issues

  • Clicking 'Add' on the rdairplay window created by default causes the window to close. After bringing up another window (through xterm), the button functions normally. This should be fixed
  • Apache occasionally needs a manual restart after the container is started. This should be fixed

Thanks to:

Upcoming Roadmap

  • Customize (or use a different) window manager. (XFCE?)
  • Autoplay RDAirplay on boot
  • Set up an audio file dropbox
  • Include basic log generation rules by default
  • On first boot, if input data is available, import dropbox'd music and generate a basic log using it
  • On first boot, if input data is available, automatically load the log into RDAirplay