Subsonic in a docker file
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Subsonic in a docker container.


  • Build: docker build -t subsonic .
  • Run: docker run -d -v /hostpath/music:/var/music -p 4050:4050 -p 4051:4051 subsonic


To make the subsonic database persistent, two paths - a dir and a file - need to be persistent. Additionally, Subsonic generates an index of metadata that should be made persistent as well.

  • -v /hostpath/subsonic/db:/var/subsonic/db
  • -v /hostpath/subsonic/
  • -v /hostpath/subsonic/db:/var/subsonic/db
  • -v /hostpath/subsonic/metadata:/var/subsonic/lucene2

All persistent locations must be read/writable by uid/gid 1000.


  • Allow specifying UID for subsonic user on the fly