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Deb builder for extpython
Build process:
Isolated python installations for Ubuntu
- ./build.sh to kick off the process, runs a docker image - docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/src ubuntu:bionic bash
- ./build-inner.sh called in the container, prepares the environment
- ./build-inner.sh switches to an underpriv'd user and calls...
- ./build-deb.sh - does the actual build
Extpython is a collection of tools for building installable packages containing various versions of Python. The
installations are isolated from the operating system's python such that modules may be added, removed, or upgraded
without risk of breaking. The builds are executed in Docker.
- parameterize the build:
- vars.sh needs to pass PYTHON_RELEASE down into the makefile
- debian metadata files need to obey this too:
- changelog: package name and version
- control: package name
- Makefile: a component of the --prefix path
TODO later:
- upload resulting deb to artifact
- support other than Bionic
- separate process into creating the builder image & building the deb itself
- parameter for pre-loaded pip modules
- Support other than Bionic
- Parameter for pre-loaded pip modules