Web app for quickly sorting deluge torrents into a library
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Webapp for quick or automatic media sorting and integration with the Deluge torrent client.


Basic flags

flag meaning example
--server deluge rpc uri deluge://username:password@host:port
--port 8081 http port to listen on

Mediasort has several options to tune how it sorts your media.

First, --library should be set to your media library’s path. The media library must contain top level directories for each show, appropriately name. The name of the directory will be used to determine what show to put in it. In each show directory, there should be season dirs (such as “Season 6” or “2019”) within which the actual media files are placed.

If needed, --pathmap can be set to translate paths when sorting files. This would be needed if your torrent client has a different view of the filesystem than mediasort does, e.g. if they’re running in docker containers. Consider these two paths:

  • /media/storage/mylibrary/myshow/Season 5/episode.mkv
  • /data/torrents/Complete/myshow.mkv

The first is the destination path in your media library as seen by mediasort. The second is the path Deluge sees. Setting --pathmap to /data/torrents/:/media/storage/torrents/ gives mediasort the info it needs to resolve these paths - it translates the Deluge path by simply replacing the prefix obtained from the left half of the --pathmap with the right.

Finally, --ui-movedests provides a list of pre-filled destinations that Deluge may move files to after they’re sorted. These paths are passed directly to deluge and should be pathed from that perspective.


  • support re-labeling sorted torrents
  • support multiple deluge instances - need a pathmap per instance
  • make UI pretty