42 Commits (bec80133655dc407e2e3dfc58285cfbf0dea950c)

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  dave bec8013365 fix status 1 year ago
  dave 17441b5bd5 fix tag renaming not updating ui sidebar 1 year ago
  dave 06dea40d24 fix sqlite support 1 year ago
  dave 0482dcc3ac disable session locking for now 1 year ago
  dave 50a55f08df missing gps data fix 1 year ago
  dave 8877fb263a use storage urls for thumbs too 1 year ago
  dave 92a20f4f58 tune max upload size 1 year ago
  dave 2de4a5d5ae web store sessions in the database 1 year ago
  dave 3aa2264be4 Fix img assets missing in docker 1 year ago
  dave 3bbe0f20ea use env vars for config 1 year ago
  dave 947f06ea08 misc ui sorting fixes and cleanup 1 year ago
  dave 83a0702341 minio (s3) storage backend and backend uri support 1 year ago
  dave 043ffbc543 standardize photo file and db access 1 year ago
  dave 6589f71052 daemon to use newer db access api 1 year ago
  dave bc64acce2a listing apis 1 year ago
  dave 80d31eec37 photo library planning 1 year ago
  dave 506c6e9c9a Fix api auth 1 year ago
  dave 16271aa54a api beginnings 1 year ago
  dave 5828939015 album view for map & cleanup 2 years ago
  dave 26dfc8fb6c real backend for auth 2 years ago
  dave c232be79ee thumb auth fix 2 years ago
  dave aff62835ec nice http error pages 2 years ago
  dave b81cad8b71 photo editing and misc template refactor 2 years ago
  dave fcfa7005d6 tag names 2 years ago
  dave f4c7e8cb0c Redirect to same page on login 2 years ago
  dave 0e25b312ab misc auth functions 2 years ago
  dave 3035d117b5 basic auth for endpoints 2 years ago
  dave 346f0a7944 Tag deleting 2 years ago
  dave 8fec641e66 auth beginnings 2 years ago
  dave 4ba10fb739 Cleanup 2 years ago
  dave 3900075ab4 support offsetting photo dates 2 years ago
  dave 0789de35ff albums 2 years ago
  dave 063f30ef0b centralized tagging 2 years ago
  dave 508e44f490 Docker fixes 2 years ago
  dave 69902d942d add dates view 2 years ago
  dave c952471b33 import bugfixes 2 years ago
  dave 9823509909 add pager 2 years ago
  dave ef63c30f8b default template vars 2 years ago
  dave 018faecc3a basic tagging 2 years ago
  dave 75c931c7d4 Make packaging work 2 years ago
  dave e10ff6b2c5 Map and photo view skeleton 2 years ago
  dave d2059240dd basic web ui 2 years ago