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@ -1,32 +1,33 @@
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import sys
import logging
from optparse import OptionParser
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from pyircbot import PyIRCBot
from time import sleep
if __name__ == "__main__":
" logging level and facility "
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG, format="%(asctime)-15s %(levelname)-8s %(filename)s:%(lineno)d %(message)s")
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format="%(asctime)-15s %(levelname)-8s %(filename)s:%(lineno)d %(message)s")
log = logging.getLogger('main')
" parse command line args "
parser = OptionParser()
parser.add_option("-c", "--config", action="store", type="string", dest="config", help="Path to config file")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
if not options.config:
parser = ArgumentParser(description="Run pyircbot")
parser.add_argument("-c", "--config", help="Path to config file", required=True)
parser.add_argument("--debug", action="store_true", help="Dump raw irc network")
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.debug:
if not args.config:
log.critical("No bot config file specified (-c). Exiting.")
botconfig = PyIRCBot.load(options.config)
botconfig = PyIRCBot.load(args.config)
bot = PyIRCBot(botconfig)

@ -16,30 +16,36 @@ import sys
from inspect import getargspec
from socket import SHUT_RDWR
from threading import Thread
from time import sleep,time
from time import sleep, time
from collections import namedtuple
from cStringIO import StringIO
from io import BytesIO as StringIO
IRCEvent = namedtuple("IRCEvent", "args prefix trailing")
UserPrefix = namedtuple("UserPrefix", "nick username hostname")
ServerPrefix = namedtuple("ServerPrefix", "hostname")
class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
def __init__(self):
"""If we're connected or not"""
self.log = logging.getLogger('IRCCore')
"""Reference to logger object"""
self.buffer = StringIO()
"""cStringIO used as a buffer"""
self.alive = True
"""True if we should try to stay connected"""
self.server = 0
"""Current server index"""
self.servers = []
@ -48,22 +54,22 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
"""Server port"""
self.ipv6 = False
"""Use IPv6?"""
self.SEND_WAIT = 0.800
self.outputQueue = queue.PriorityQueue(self.OUTPUT_BUFFER_SIZE)
self.outputQueueRunner = OutputQueueRunner(self)
# IRC Messages are terminated with \r\n
# Set up hooks for modules
# Map for asynchat
self.asynmap = {}
def loop(self):
while self.alive:
@ -83,10 +89,10 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
except Exception as e2:
self.log.error("Error reconnecting: ")
def kill(self, message="Help! Another thread is killing me :(", alive=False):
"""Send quit message, flush queue, and close the socket
:param message: Quit message
:type message: str
:param alive: True causes a reconnect after disconnecting
@ -105,24 +111,24 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
self.close()"Kill complete")
" Net related code here on down "
def getBuf(self):
"""Return the network buffer and clear it"""
data =
self.buffer = StringIO()
return data
def collect_incoming_data(self, data):
"""Recieve data from the IRC server, append it to the buffer
:param data: the data that was recieved
:type data: str"""
#self.log.debug("<< %(message)s", {"message":repr(data)})"<< %(message)s", {"message":repr(data)})
def found_terminator(self):
"""A complete command was pushed through, so clear the buffer and process it."""
line = None
@ -135,70 +141,71 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
self.log.error("found_terminator(): repr(data): %s" % repr(line))
self.log.error("found_terminator(): error: %s" % str(ude))
self.log.debug("< {}".format(line))
def handle_close(self):
"""Called when the socket is disconnected. Triggers the _DISCONNECT hook"""
def handle_error(self, *args, **kwargs):
"""Called on fatal network errors."""
self.log.error("Connection failed (handle_error)")
def _connect(self):
"""Connect to IRC"""
if self.server >= len(self.servers):
serverHostname = self.servers[self.server]
self.log.debug("Connecting to %(server)s:%(port)i", {"server":serverHostname, "port":self.port})"Connecting to %(server)s:%(port)i", {"server":serverHostname, "port":self.port})
socket_type = socket.AF_INET
if self.ipv6:"IPv6 is enabled.")
socket_type = socket.AF_INET6
socketInfo = socket.getaddrinfo(serverHostname, self.port, socket_type)
self.create_socket(socket_type, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
self.log.debug("Socket created: %s" % self.socket.fileno())"Socket created: %s" % self.socket.fileno())
self.log.debug("Connection established")"Connection established")
self._fileno = self.socket.fileno()
self.asynmap[self._fileno] = self #"_connect: Socket map: %s" % str(self.asynmap))
def handle_connect(self):
"""When asynchat indicates our socket is connected, fire the _CONNECT hook"""
self.log.debug("handle_connect: connected")"handle_connect: connected")
self.log.debug("handle_connect: complete")"handle_connect: complete")
def sendRaw(self, text, prio=2):
"""Queue messages (raw string) to be sent to the IRC server
:param text: the string to send
:type text: str"""
text = (text+"\r\n").encode("UTF-8").decode().encode("UTF-8")
self.outputQueue.put((prio, text), block=False)
def process_data(self, data):
"""Process one line of tet irc sent us
:param data: the data to process
:type data: str"""
if data.strip() == "":
prefix = None
command = None
if data[0]==":":
prefix=data.split(" ")[0][1:]
data=data[data.find(" ")+1:]
@ -218,8 +225,8 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
self.log.warning("Unknown command: cmd='%s' prefix='%s' args='%s' trailing='%s'" % (command, prefix, args, trailing))
self.fire_hook(command, args=args, prefix=prefix, trailing=trailing)
" Module related code "
def initHooks(self):
"""Defines hooks that modules can listen for events of"""
@ -251,7 +258,7 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
'266', # 266 CloneABCD :Current Global Users: 49 Max: 53
'332', # 332 xBotxShellTest #xMopx2 :/ #XMOPX2 / (Channel Topic)
'333', # 333 xBotxShellTest #xMopx2 xMopxShell!~rduser@ 1344370109
'353', # 353 CloneABCD = #clonea :CloneABCD CloneABC
'353', # 353 CloneABCD = #clonea :CloneABCD CloneABC
'366', # 366 CloneABCD #clonea :End of /NAMES list.
'372', # 372 xBotxShell :motd text here
'375', # 375 xBotxShellTest :- Message of the Day -
@ -261,10 +268,10 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
" mapping of hooks to methods "
self.hookcalls = {command:[] for command in self.hooks}
def fire_hook(self, command, args=None, prefix=None, trailing=None):
"""Run any listeners for a specific hook
:param command: the hook to fire
:type command: str
:param args: the list of arguments, if any, the command was passed
@ -273,20 +280,20 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
:type prefix: str
:param trailing: data payload of the command
:type trailing: str"""
for hook in self.hookcalls[command]:
if len(getargspec(hook).args) == 2:
hook(IRCCore.packetAsObject(args, prefix, trailing))
hook(args, prefix, trailing)
self.log.warning("Error processing hook: \n%s"% self.trace())
def addHook(self, command, method):
"""**Internal.** Enable (connect) a single hook of a module
:param command: command this hook will trigger on
:type command: str
:param method: callable method object to hook in
@ -297,10 +304,10 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
self.log.warning("Invalid hook - %s" % command)
return False
def removeHook(self, command, method):
"""**Internal.** Disable (disconnect) a single hook of a module
:param command: command this hook triggers on
:type command: str
:param method: callable method that should be removed
@ -313,10 +320,10 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
self.log.warning("Invalid hook - %s" % command)
return False
def packetAsObject(args, prefix, trailing):
"""Given an irc message's args, prefix, and trailing data return an object with these properties
:param args: list of args from the IRC packet
:type args: list
:param prefix: prefix object parsed from the IRC packet
@ -324,38 +331,31 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
:param trailing: trailing data from the IRC packet
:type trailing: str
:returns: object -- a IRCEvent object with the ``args``, ``prefix``, ``trailing``"""
return type('IRCEvent', (object,), {
"args": args,
"prefix": IRCCore.decodePrefix(prefix) if prefix else None,
"trailing": trailing
return IRCEvent(args,
IRCCore.decodePrefix(prefix) if prefix else None,
" Utility methods "
def decodePrefix(prefix):
"""Given a prefix like nick!username@hostname, return an object with these properties
:param prefix: the prefix to disassemble
:type prefix: str
:returns: object -- an UserPrefix object with the properties `nick`, `username`, `hostname` or a ServerPrefix object with the property `hostname`"""
if "!" in prefix:
ob = type('UserPrefix', (object,), {})
ob.str = prefix
ob.nick, prefix = prefix.split("!")
ob.username, ob.hostname = prefix.split("@")
return ob
nick, prefix = prefix.split("!")
username, hostname = prefix.split("@")
return UserPrefix(nick, username, hostname)
ob = type('ServerPrefix', (object,), {})
ob.str = prefix
ob.hostname = prefix
return ob
return ServerPrefix(prefix)
def trace():
"""Return the stack trace of the bot as a string"""
return traceback.format_exc()
def fulltrace():
"""Return the stack trace of the bot as a string"""
@ -372,25 +372,25 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
result += line + "\n"
result += "\n*** STACKTRACE - END ***\n"
return result
" Data Methods "
def get_nick(self):
"""Get the bot's current nick
:returns: str - the bot's current nickname"""
return self.nick
" Action Methods "
def act_PONG(self, data):
"""Use the `/pong` command - respond to server pings
:param data: the string or number the server sent with it's ping
:type data: str"""
self.sendRaw("PONG :%s" % data)
def act_USER(self, username, hostname, realname):
"""Use the USER protocol command. Used during connection
:param username: the bot's username
:type username: str
:param hostname: the bot's hostname
@ -398,34 +398,34 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
:param realname: the bot's realname
:type realname: str"""
self.sendRaw("USER %s %s %s :%s" % (username, hostname, self.servers[self.server], realname))
def act_NICK(self, newNick):
"""Use the `/nick` command
:param newNick: new nick for the bot
:type newNick: str"""
self.nick = newNick
self.sendRaw("NICK %s" % newNick)
def act_JOIN(self, channel):
"""Use the `/join` command
:param channel: the channel to attempt to join
:type channel: str"""
self.sendRaw("JOIN %s"%channel)
def act_PRIVMSG(self, towho, message):
"""Use the `/msg` command
:param towho: the target #channel or user's name
:type towho: str
:param message: the message to send
:type message: str"""
self.sendRaw("PRIVMSG %s :%s"%(towho,message))
def act_MODE(self, channel, mode, extra=None):
"""Use the `/mode` command
:param channel: the channel this mode is for
:type channel: str
:param mode: the mode string. Example: +b
@ -436,19 +436,19 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
self.sendRaw("MODE %s %s %s" % (channel,mode,extra))
self.sendRaw("MODE %s %s" % (channel,mode))
def act_ACTION(self, channel, action):
"""Use the `/me <action>` command
:param channel: the channel name or target's name the message is sent to
:type channel: str
:param action: the text to send
:type action: str"""
self.sendRaw("PRIVMSG %s :\x01ACTION %s"%(channel,action))
def act_KICK(self, channel, who, comment=""):
"""Use the `/kick <user> <message>` command
:param channel: the channel from which the user will be kicked
:type channel: str
:param who: the nickname of the user to kick
@ -456,14 +456,14 @@ class IRCCore(asynchat.async_chat):
:param comment: the kick message
:type comment: str"""
self.sendRaw("KICK %s %s :%s" % (channel, who, comment))
def act_QUIT(self, message):
"""Use the `/quit` command
:param message: quit message
:type message: str"""
self.sendRaw("QUIT :%s" % message, prio=0)
class OutputQueueRunner(Thread):
"""Rate-limited output queue"""
def __init__(self, bot):
@ -471,7 +471,7 @@ class OutputQueueRunner(Thread): = bot #reference to main bot thread
self.log = logging.getLogger('OutputQueueRunner')
self.paused = False
def run(self):
"""Constantly sends messages unless bot is disconnecting/ed"""
lastSend = time()
@ -481,24 +481,25 @@ class OutputQueueRunner(Thread):
if sinceLast <
toSleep = - sinceLast
# Pop item and execute
if and not self.paused:
lastSend = time()
except queue.Empty:
#self.log.debug("Queue is empty")"Queue is empty")
def process_queue_item(self):
"""Remove 1 item from queue and process it"""
prio,text =, timeout=10)
#self.log.debug("%s>> %s" % (prio,text))"%s>> %s" % (prio,text))
self.log.debug("> {}".format(text.decode('UTF-8')))
def clear(self):
"""Discard all items from queue"""
length =
@ -507,9 +508,9 @@ class OutputQueueRunner(Thread):
except queue.Empty:
#self.log.debug("output queue cleared")"output queue cleared")
return length
def flush(self):
"""Process all items in queue"""
for i in range(0,
@ -517,4 +518,4 @@ class OutputQueueRunner(Thread):
#self.log.debug("output queue flushed")"output queue flushed")

@ -166,9 +166,9 @@ class AttributeStorage(ModuleBase):
if value == None:
# delete it
c = self.db.connection.query("DELETE FROM `values` WHERE `itemid`=%s AND `attributeid`=%s ;", (itemId, attributeId))
self.log.debug("AttributeStorage: Stored item %s attribute %s value: %s (Deleted)" % (itemId, attributeId, value))"AttributeStorage: Stored item %s attribute %s value: %s (Deleted)" % (itemId, attributeId, value))
# add attribute
c = self.db.connection.query("REPLACE INTO `values` (`itemid`, `attributeid`, `value`) VALUES (%s, %s, %s);", (itemId, attributeId, value))
self.log.debug("AttributeStorage: Stored item %s attribute %s value: %s" % (itemId, attributeId, value))"AttributeStorage: Stored item %s attribute %s value: %s" % (itemId, attributeId, value))

@ -161,9 +161,9 @@ class AttributeStorageLite(ModuleBase):
if value == None:
# delete it
c = self.db.query("DELETE FROM `values` WHERE `itemid`=? AND `attributeid`=? ;", (itemId, attributeId))
self.log.debug("Stored item %s attribute %s value: %s (Deleted)" % (itemId, attributeId, value))"Stored item %s attribute %s value: %s (Deleted)" % (itemId, attributeId, value))
# add attribute
c = self.db.query("REPLACE INTO `values` (`itemid`, `attributeid`, `value`) VALUES (?, ?, ?);", (itemId, attributeId, value))
self.log.debug("Stored item %s attribute %s value: %s" % (itemId, attributeId, value))"Stored item %s attribute %s value: %s" % (itemId, attributeId, value))

@ -121,13 +121,13 @@ class BitcoinRPC:
def connect(self):
# internal. connect to the service
self.log.debug("CryptoWalletRPC: %s: Connecting to %s:%s" % (,,self.port))"CryptoWalletRPC: %s: Connecting to %s:%s" % (,,self.port))
self.con = AuthServiceProxy("http://%s:%s@%s:%s" % (self.username, self.password,, self.port))
except Exception as e:
self.log.debug("CryptoWalletRPC: %s: Could not connect to %s:%s: %s" % (,, self.port, str(e)))"CryptoWalletRPC: %s: Could not connect to %s:%s: %s" % (,, self.port, str(e)))
self.log.debug("CryptoWalletRPC: %s: Connected to %s:%s" % (,, self.port))"CryptoWalletRPC: %s: Connected to %s:%s" % (,, self.port))

@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ class DogeController:
def connect(self):
"Connect to RPC endpoint"
self.log.debug("DogeRPC: Connecting to dogecoind")"DogeRPC: Connecting to dogecoind")
self.con = AuthServiceProxy("http://%s:%s@%s:%s" % (self.config["username"], self.config["password"], self.config["host"], self.config["port"]))
self.log.debug("DogeRPC: Connected to %s:%s" % (self.config["host"], self.config["port"]))"DogeRPC: Connected to %s:%s" % (self.config["host"], self.config["port"]))

@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ class scrambleGame:
self.master.log.debug("DogeScramble: category_count is: %s" % (self.category_count))"DogeScramble: category_count is: %s" % (self.category_count))
if self.category_count >= self.change_category_after_words:
self.should_change_category = True
@ -247,7 +247,7 @@ class scrambleGame:
picked = f.readline().strip().lower()
self.master.log.debug("DogeScramble: picked %s for %s" % (picked,"DogeScramble: picked %s for %s" % (picked,
if len(self.lastwords) > 5:

@ -111,13 +111,13 @@ class LinkTitler(ModuleBase):
def url_headers(self, url):
"HEAD requests a url to check content type & length, returns something like: {'type': 'image/jpeg', 'size': '90583'}"
self.log.debug("url_headers(%s)" % (url,))"url_headers(%s)" % (url,))
resp = head(url=url, allow_redirects=True)
return resp.headers
def url_htmltitle(self, url):
"Requests page html and returns title in a safe way"
self.log.debug("url_htmltitle(%s)" % (url,))"url_htmltitle(%s)" % (url,))
resp = get(url=url, stream=True)
# Fetch no more than first 10kb
# if the title isn't seen by then, you're doing it wrong

@ -41,6 +41,6 @@ class Triggered(ModuleBase):
def scream(self, channel):
delay = randrange(self.config["mindelay"], self.config["maxdelay"])
self.log.debug("Sleeping for %s seconds" % delay)"Sleeping for %s seconds" % delay)
sleep(delay), choice(self.config["responses"]))

@ -12,38 +12,42 @@ import sys
import traceback
from pyircbot.rpc import BotRPC
from pyircbot.irccore import IRCCore
from collections import namedtuple
import os.path
ParsedCommand = namedtuple("ParsedCommand", "command args args_str message")
class PyIRCBot:
""":param botconfig: The configuration of this instance of the bot. Passed by
:type botconfig: dict
version = "4.0.0-r03"
def __init__(self, botconfig):
self.log = logging.getLogger('PyIRCBot')
"""Reference to logger object"""
self.botconfig = botconfig
"""saved copy of the instance config"""
"""storage of imported modules"""
self.modules = {}
"""instances of modules"""
self.moduleInstances = {}
self.rpc = BotRPC(self)
"""Reference to BotRPC thread"""
self.irc = IRCCore()
"""IRC protocol class"""
self.irc.servers = self.botconfig["connection"]["servers"]
self.irc.port = self.botconfig["connection"]["port"]
self.irc.ipv6 = True if self.botconfig["connection"]["ipv6"]=="on" else False
self.irc.addHook("_DISCONNECT", self.connection_closed)
# legacy support
self.act_PONG = self.irc.act_PONG
self.act_USER = self.irc.act_USER
@ -56,26 +60,26 @@ class PyIRCBot:
self.act_QUIT = self.irc.act_QUIT
self.get_nick = self.irc.get_nick
self.decodePrefix = IRCCore.decodePrefix
# Load modules
# Load modules
# Connect to IRC
def connect(self):
self.log.error("Pyircbot attempted to connect and failed!")
def loop(self):
def disconnect(self, message, reconnect=True):
"""Send quit message and disconnect from IRC.
:param message: Quit message
:type message: str
:param reconnect: True causes a reconnection attempt to be made after the disconnect
@ -83,10 +87,10 @@ class PyIRCBot:
self.irc.kill(message=message, alive=reconnect)
def kill(self, sys_exit=True, message="Help! Another thread is killing me :("):
"""Shut down the bot violently
:param sys_exit: True causes sys.exit(0) to be called
:type sys_exit: bool
:param message: Quit message
@ -94,39 +98,39 @@ class PyIRCBot:
#Close all modules
self.irc.kill(message=message, alive=not sys_exit)
if sys_exit:
def connection_closed(self, args, prefix, trailing):
"""Called when the socket is disconnected. We will want to reconnect. """
if self.irc.alive:
self.log.warning("Connection was lost. Reconnecting in 5 seconds.")
def initModules(self):
"""load modules specified in instance config"""
" append module location to path "
" append usermodule dir to beginning of path"
for path in self.botconfig["bot"]["usermodules"]:
sys.path.insert(0, path+"/")
for modulename in self.botconfig["modules"]:
def importmodule(self, name):
"""Import a module
:param moduleName: Name of the module to import
:type moduleName: str"""
" check if already exists "
if not name in self.modules:
self.log.debug("Importing %s" % name)"Importing %s" % name)
" attempt to load "
moduleref = __import__(name)
@ -140,13 +144,13 @@ class PyIRCBot:
self.log.warning("Module %s already imported" % name)
return (False, "Module already imported")
def deportmodule(self, name):
"""Remove a module's code from memory. If the module is loaded it will be unloaded silently.
:param moduleName: Name of the module to import
:type moduleName: str"""
self.log.debug("Deporting %s" % name)"Deporting %s" % name)
" unload if necessary "
if name in self.moduleInstances:
@ -158,10 +162,10 @@ class PyIRCBot:
" delete copy that python stores in sys.modules "
if name in sys.modules:
del sys.modules[name]
def loadmodule(self, name):
"""Activate a module.
:param moduleName: Name of the module to activate
:type moduleName: str"""
" check if already loaded "
@ -177,10 +181,10 @@ class PyIRCBot:
self.moduleInstances[name] = getattr(self.modules[name], name)(self, name)
" load hooks "
def unloadmodule(self, name):
"""Deactivate a module.
:param moduleName: Name of the module to deactivate
:type moduleName: str"""
if name in self.moduleInstances:
@ -197,10 +201,10 @@ class PyIRCBot:
else:"Module %s not loaded" % name)
return (False, "Module not loaded")
def reloadmodule(self, name):
"""Deactivate and activate a module.
:param moduleName: Name of the target module
:type moduleName: str"""
" make sure it's imporeted"
@ -215,10 +219,10 @@ class PyIRCBot:
return (True, None)
return (False, "Module is not loaded")
def redomodule(self, name):
"""Reload a running module from disk
:param moduleName: Name of the target module
:type moduleName: str"""
" remember if it was loaded before "
@ -233,10 +237,10 @@ class PyIRCBot:
if loadedbefore:
return (True, None)
def loadModuleHooks(self, module):
"""**Internal.** Enable (connect) hooks of a module
:param module: module object to hook in
:type module: object"""
" activate a module's hooks "
@ -246,10 +250,10 @@ class PyIRCBot:
self.irc.addHook(hookcmd, hook.method)
self.irc.addHook(hook.hook, hook.method)
def unloadModuleHooks(self, module):
"""**Internal.** Disable (disconnect) hooks of a module
:param module: module object to unhook
:type module: object"""
" remove a modules hooks "
@ -259,20 +263,20 @@ class PyIRCBot:
self.irc.removeHook(hookcmd, hook.method)
self.irc.removeHook(hook.hook, hook.method)
def getmodulebyname(self, name):
"""Get a module object by name
:param name: name of the module to return
:type name: str
:returns: object -- the module object"""
if not name in self.moduleInstances:
return None
return self.moduleInstances[name]
def getmodulesbyservice(self, service):
"""Get a list of modules that provide the specified service
"""Get a list of modules that provide the specified service
:param service: name of the service searched for
:type service: str
:returns: list -- a list of module objects"""
@ -281,10 +285,10 @@ class PyIRCBot:
if service in self.moduleInstances[module].services:
return validModules
def getBestModuleForService(self, service):
"""Get the first module that provides the specified service
"""Get the first module that provides the specified service
:param service: name of the service searched for
:type service: str
:returns: object -- the module object, if found. None if not found."""
@ -292,7 +296,7 @@ class PyIRCBot:
if len(m)>0:
return m[0]
return None
def closeAllModules(self):
""" Deport all modules (for shutdown). Modules are unloaded in the opposite order listed in the config. """
loaded = list(self.moduleInstances.keys())
@ -304,41 +308,41 @@ class PyIRCBot:
for key in loaded:
" Filesystem Methods "
def getDataPath(self, moduleName):
"""Return the absolute path for a module's data dir
:param moduleName: the module who's data dir we want
:type moduleName: str"""
if not os.path.exists("%s/data/%s" % (self.botconfig["bot"]["datadir"], moduleName)):
os.mkdir("%s/data/%s/" % (self.botconfig["bot"]["datadir"], moduleName))
return "%s/data/%s/" % (self.botconfig["bot"]["datadir"], moduleName)
def getConfigPath(self, moduleName):
"""Return the absolute path for a module's config file
:param moduleName: the module who's config file we want
:type moduleName: str"""
basepath = "%s/config/%s" % (self.botconfig["bot"]["datadir"], moduleName)
if os.path.exists("%s.json"%basepath):
return "%s.json"%basepath
return "%s.json"%basepath
return None
" Utility methods "
def messageHasCommand(command, message, requireArgs=False):
"""Check if a message has a command with or without args in it
:param command: the command string to look for, like !ban. If a list is passed, the first match is returned.
:type command: str or list
:param message: the message string to look in, like "!ban Lil_Mac"
:type message: str
:param requireArgs: if true, only validate if the command use has any amount of trailing text
:type requireArgs: bool"""
if not type(command)==list:
command = [command]
for item in command:
@ -346,7 +350,7 @@ class PyIRCBot:
if cmd:
return cmd
return False
def messageHasCommandSingle(command, message, requireArgs=False):
# Check if the message at least starts with the command
@ -357,34 +361,31 @@ class PyIRCBot:
subsetCheck = message[len(command):len(command)+1]
if subsetCheck!=" " and subsetCheck!="":
return False
# We've got the command! Do we need args?
argsStart = len(command)
args = ""
if argsStart > 0:
args = message[argsStart+1:]
if requireArgs and args.strip() == '':
return False
# Verified! Return the set.
ob = type('ParsedCommand', (object,), {})
ob.command = command
ob.args = [] if args=="" else args.split(" ")
ob.args_str = args
ob.message = message
return ob
# return (True, command, args, message)
return ParsedCommand(command,
args.split(" "),
def load(filepath):
"""Return an object from the passed filepath
:param filepath: path to a json file. filename must end with .json
:type filepath: str
:Returns: | dict
if filepath.endswith(".json"):
from json import load
return load(open(filepath, 'r'))