Ordering of more important protocol messages

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@ -61,7 +61,8 @@ class IRCCore(object):
# Set up hooks for modules
self.outputq = asyncio.Queue()
self.outseq = 5
self.outputq = asyncio.PriorityQueue()
self._loop.call_soon_threadsafe(asyncio.ensure_future, self.outputqueue())
async def loop(self, loop):
@ -105,19 +106,20 @@ class IRCCore(object):
await asyncio.sleep(self.reconnect_delay)
async def outputqueue(self):
bucket = burstbucket(self.rate_max, self.rate_int)
self.bucket = burstbucket(self.rate_max, self.rate_int)
while True:
prio, line = await self.outputq.get()
# sleep until the bucket allows us to send
if self.rate_limit:
while True:
s = bucket.get()
s = self.bucket.get()
if s == 0:
await asyncio.sleep(s, loop=self._loop)
self.fire_hook('_SEND', args=None, prefix=None, trailing=None)
self.log.debug(">>> {}".format(repr(line)))
self.writer.write((line + "\r\n").encode("UTF-8"))
except Exception as e: # Probably fine if we drop messages while offline
@ -137,8 +139,18 @@ class IRCCore(object):
self.log.info("Kill complete")
def sendRaw(self, data):
asyncio.run_coroutine_threadsafe(self.outputq.put((5, data, )), self._loop)
def sendRaw(self, data, priority=None):
Send data on the wire. Lower priorities are sent first.
:param data: unicode data to send. will be converted to utf-8
:param priority: numerical priority value. If not None, the message will likely be sent first. Otherwise, an
ever-increasing sequence number is used to maintain order. For a minimum priority message,
use a priority value of sys.maxsize.
if priority is None:
self.outseq += 1
priority = self.outseq
asyncio.run_coroutine_threadsafe(self.outputq.put((priority, data, )), self._loop)
" Module related code "
def initHooks(self):
@ -306,7 +318,7 @@ class IRCCore(object):
:type data: str"""
self.sendRaw("PONG :%s" % data)
def act_USER(self, username, hostname, realname):
def act_USER(self, username, hostname, realname, priority=2):
"""Use the USER protocol command. Used during connection
:param username: the bot's username
@ -315,22 +327,22 @@ class IRCCore(object):
:type hostname: str
:param realname: the bot's realname
:type realname: str"""
self.sendRaw("USER %s %s %s :%s" % (username, hostname, self.servers[self.server], realname))
self.sendRaw("USER %s %s %s :%s" % (username, hostname, self.servers[self.server], realname), priority)
def act_NICK(self, newNick):
def act_NICK(self, newNick, priority=2):
"""Use the `/nick` command
:param newNick: new nick for the bot
:type newNick: str"""
self.nick = newNick
self.sendRaw("NICK %s" % newNick)
self.sendRaw("NICK %s" % newNick, priority)
def act_JOIN(self, channel):
def act_JOIN(self, channel, priority=3):
"""Use the `/join` command
:param channel: the channel to attempt to join
:type channel: str"""
self.sendRaw("JOIN %s" % channel)
self.sendRaw("JOIN %s" % channel, priority=3)
def act_PRIVMSG(self, towho, message):
"""Use the `/msg` command
@ -375,12 +387,12 @@ class IRCCore(object):
:type comment: str"""
self.sendRaw("KICK %s %s :%s" % (channel, who, comment))
def act_QUIT(self, message):
def act_QUIT(self, message, priority=2):
"""Use the `/quit` command
:param message: quit message
:type message: str"""
self.sendRaw("QUIT :%s" % message)
self.sendRaw("QUIT :%s" % message, priority)
def act_PASS(self, password):