nick and channel tracking in services module

dave 6 years ago
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commit a6fab20270

@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ Services enables the bot to:
- Ghost users using it's nick
- Request invites & join private channels
@ -47,7 +48,7 @@ Config
.. cmdoption:: user.nick
A list of nicks, the first being the preferred nick and the others being
A list of nicks, the first being the preferred nick and the others being
fallbacks if the primary nick is taken.
.. cmdoption:: user.password
@ -78,7 +79,7 @@ Config
.. cmdoption:: ident.command
String formatted command to be sent for identification. Available tokens:
- password
- password
.. cmdoption:: ident.ghost
@ -111,6 +112,17 @@ Config
List of channels to request an invite to join on startup
The ``service`` service provides information about the state of IRC. Available service methods:
.. cmdoption:: nick()
Returns the current nick of the bot
Class Reference

@ -14,45 +14,50 @@ from time import sleep
class Services(ModuleBase):
def __init__(self, bot, moduleName):
ModuleBase.__init__(self, bot, moduleName)
self.current_nick = 0
self.current_preferred_nick = 0
self.current_nick = None
self.current_channels = []
self.do_ghost = False = ["services"]
def doConnect(self, msg, cmd):
def _doConnect(self, msg, cmd):
"""Hook for when the IRC conneciton is opened"""["user"]["nick"][0])
self.current_preferred_nick = 0["user"]["nick"][self.current_preferred_nick])["user"]["username"], self.config["user"]["hostname"],
def nickTaken(self, msg, cmd):
def _nickTaken(self, msg, cmd):
"""Hook that responds to 433, meaning our nick is taken"""
if self.config["ident"]["ghost"]:
self.do_ghost = True
self.current_nick += 1
if self.current_nick >= len(self.config["user"]["nick"]):
self.current_preferred_nick += 1
if self.current_preferred_nick >= len(self.config["user"]["nick"]):
self.log.critical("Ran out of usernames while selecting backup username!")
def initservices(self, msg, cmd):
def _initservices(self, msg, cmd):
"""Hook that sets our initial nickname"""
if self.do_ghost:["ident"]["ghost_to"], self.config["ident"]["ghost_cmd"] %
{"nick": self.config["user"]["nick"][0], "password": self.config["user"]["password"]})
self.current_nick = self.config["user"]["nick"][self.current_preferred_nick]
def invited(self, msg, cmd):
def _invited(self, msg, cmd):
"""Hook responding to INVITE channel invitations"""
if msg.trailing.lower() in self.config["privatechannels"]["list"]:"Invited to %s, joining" % msg.trailing)
def do_initservices(self):
def _do_initservices(self):
"""Identify with nickserv and join startup channels"""
" id to nickserv "
if self.config["ident"]["enable"]:
@ -70,3 +75,18 @@ class Services(ModuleBase):["privatechannels"]["to"], self.config["privatechannels"]["command"] %
{"channel": channel})
def _changed_nick(self, msg, cmd):
if msg.prefix.nick == self.current_nick:
self.current_nick = msg.trailing
@hook("JOIN", "PART")
def _joinpart(self, msg, cmd):
(self.current_channels.append if msg.command == "JOIN" else self.current_channels.remove)(msg.args[0])
def nick(self):
return self.current_nick
def channels(self):
return self.current_channels