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Dave Pedu 13ea0fe52f
Merge pull request #3 from r3cursive/patch-1 5 months ago
Kirk fb6a5766c7
Update StockIndex.py 5 months ago
Kirk 0db7e23383
Update StockIndex.py 5 months ago
dave d183172ca7 adjust format 1 year ago
dave 9e3a7b68fe Add stockindex module 1 year ago
dave 235921fbab add replyto field to privmsg ircevent messages 1 year ago
dave f2c6668e18 fix api-discontinued breaking reports 1 year ago
dave f6d1e0ba16 show holding value for each symbol 1 year ago
dave 2bdece8b9e support multiple stock apis 1 year ago
dave 166807e181 ignore zero value stocks 1 year ago
dave 55212a5977 correct historical buy price calculation 1 year ago
dave 998d3a5f55 tabulate top ten and format currencies 2 years ago
dave 46c1ef3562 accept stale data when building reports 2 years ago
dave e2c412fdef add announce channel 2 years ago
dave 4161be93e4 fix dust collection, log quote prices 2 years ago
dave a986639588 Sentry support 2 years ago
dave bd208a13df Add contributors doc 2 years ago
dave eccea93a6d Always send topten reply to pm 2 years ago
Dave Pedu 525e87803f
Merge pull request #1 from medmr1/leaderboard 2 years ago
Mike Edmister b4b6d72607 doublequotes over single 2 years ago
Mike Edmister f9927e9acb added $ and changed from .thing to ['thing'] 2 years ago
Mike Edmister f6b6c13c12 removed cast needed because of wrong column type 2 years ago
Mike Edmister bdfadb0c11 shortened lines for linter 2 years ago
Mike Edmister ca3b4f903f revert irccore 2 years ago
Mike Edmister 2533c5872a lowered priority of .top, fixed query, removed @protected 2 years ago
Mike Edmister 6404adb773 limit 10 2 years ago
Mike Edmister 6b9fd384ec .top function 2 years ago
dave 85166fb692 Better message priority internals 2 years ago
dave ef2abe3622 Add 24h historical loss/gain to StockPlay 3 years ago
dave f31c307ee4 Fix nickuser autologin 3 years ago
dave 01efeed44f Move dockerfile 3 years ago
dave 97941aa529 Added stockplay module 3 years ago
dave 7546b05191 Docs update 3 years ago
dave ade7fed3a8 Misc test fixes 3 years ago
dave a00a5d9f9c py 3.7 3 years ago
dave 29f5fa9e0f unfuck the requirements & dockerfile 3 years ago
dave 50357b91de clean up extra installs in dockerfile 3 years ago
dave 6c275ea269 Ignore test asciis 3 years ago
dave 9778331989 Add updated msgbus requirement 3 years ago
dave 02d1a8aa3e fix url matching 3 years ago
dave ba85eee901 docstring correction 4 years ago
dave 650ff6f3ef dont use reserved attribute 4 years ago
dave f512827589 Better dcc tests 4 years ago
dave 3b6d4ff33d ModInfo test 4 years ago
dave a77bde4288 Prettify help text layouts 4 years ago
dave 4bdce886ab Handle crypto reserve as decimal not float 4 years ago
dave 9c6e1056d0 Add tests for cryptowallet 4 years ago
dave f7990667eb Support highlights as command triggers too 4 years ago
dave c3e14a8d0d Update cryptowallet + rpc 4 years ago
dave df678c29b0 Make requirements and docbuilder simpler 4 years ago