10 Commits (2643883a888ce9c5d3a2645cddf6aec5c1d1ca11)

Author SHA1 Message Date
dave 2643883a88 Make LinkTitler a little safer 7 years ago
dpedu 3c5676b786 Fix logging command 7 years ago
dpedu 88de1be8d2 Add simplified style hook arguments 7 years ago
dpedu 5c66bfe713 Remove extra indent 7 years ago
dpedu bcdfc87a1b Restore original trace method, move full stack trace to another method 7 years ago
dpedu 5a511944bd Add eval/exec to RPC 7 years ago
dpedu 2751eb3d16 Misc cleanup and clarification 7 years ago
dpedu aa90608e93 Link to private map information source 7 years ago
dpedu 789dfc96c5 Use private map for asynchat 7 years ago
dpedu b7eacbfc22 Convert to python module 7 years ago
dpedu 99479e193c Fix typo 7 years ago
dpedu a372511ac1 remove extra comment 7 years ago
dpedu 595a38c741 Abstract protocol handling code from bot logic. This will likely break a few modules. 7 years ago
dave f1a7d54208 Added quit/shutdown call to RPC/core 8 years ago
dave 49b8c4785a Allow ModuleHook hooks to be defined as string for a single hook for list for a multiple hooks->1 method relationship 8 years ago
dave 63463f40f2 Updated docs and added a failsafe return in PyIRCBot.messageHasCommand 8 years ago
dave 2ee8408dba Added option to use lists in PyIRCBot.messageHasCommand for easier command aliasing 8 years ago
dave bce1645635 Make RPC be a daemon thread for cleaner exiting 8 years ago
dave 13c5e5794e Solve encoding errors through excessive encoding! 8 years ago
dave 40091588e4 Documenting more things 8 years ago
dave f9581e207e Document more things, finalize docs file structure 8 years ago
dave f8cb6b7575 Begin documenting with Sphinx 8 years ago
dave 5f568a0379 Create data dir on demand 8 years ago
dave 4585b2798a Keep trying to reconnect after losing connection / connection failure 8 years ago
Dave Pedu 67bfd29e4f Misc updates 9 years ago
Dave Pedu 83d30ceab6 Initial commit 9 years ago