215 Commits (e8652c37c896583190570e9b94cabb76866f9a11)

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dave 121696ec01 Remove unnecessary supervisord from Dockerfile 6 years ago
dave 45b68e873d Fix some uno logic bugs 6 years ago
dave 1a7f6c0c59 Fix syntax error 6 years ago
dave fa8783e6cc Misc & lint fixes 6 years ago
dave e11d068a6e Add ServerPassword module 6 years ago
dave afd31400c6 Add unoplayer module 6 years ago
dave 9aff4f3f2b All writeins 7 years ago
dave 3c1d604d4e fix time format 7 years ago
dave ac73206ec0 Format time 7 years ago
dave 6df801c11e Move election module to right folder 7 years ago
dave 19b7a95d76 Make some stuff nicer 7 years ago
dave 0d3fbfc91c Add election module 7 years ago
Dave Pedu 12ed393f6c Prevent crash when bot calls _connect and fails due to dns lookup failure 7 years ago
Dave Pedu 2505da666a Add log messages to debug reconnection issue 7 years ago
Dave Pedu a65295f014 Fix dockerfile, supervisor con for the bot was missing 8 years ago
Dave Pedu 9341153acb Update readme #nobuild 8 years ago
Dave Pedu f2c4fca1fe Reorganize dockerfile to take advantage of caching 8 years ago
Dave Pedu 89e4a56d44 Fix ping responder module 8 years ago
Dave Pedu dd171d568a Add _recv hook 8 years ago
Dave Pedu 895804e6c1 Update docs #nobuild 8 years ago
Dave Pedu 67c1c2fab9 Add support for multiple server hostnames 8 years ago
Dave Pedu fdd504dae6 Fix syntax error 8 years ago
Dave Pedu f04dbee02a Fix high cpu at startup 8 years ago
Dave Pedu d5adbdb9cd Improve user friendliness, add .send 8 years ago
dave 32e6ecce45 Enhance logging 8 years ago
dave d991bbf0d0 Automatically reconnect if a ping isn't seen in 300 seconds 8 years ago
dave f8dc09b84a youtube module - remove length quantifier 8 years ago
dave e55a7472ba Improve docs #nobuild 8 years ago
dave c89600433d Bugfix / update docs for AttributeStorageLite, NickUser 8 years ago
dave bd1260040f Fix error loading module - connection wasn't defined when pinged on startup 8 years ago
dave 1f9e7225a4 Switch bitcoinrpc source in dockerfile 8 years ago
dave 77c1981a3e Remove yml in dockerfiles #nobuild 8 years ago
dave 20c1ffd2fc Convert tabs to spaces 8 years ago
dave 3acf60d6e9 Bump version number #nobuild 8 years ago
dave f6404047cf Remove yaml, convert all configs to json 8 years ago
dave bdf0081ba8 Handle content properly 8 years ago
dave b07a6202b4 Allow titling all content types, refine size display 8 years ago
dave 640e3fd3a9 Add output queue 8 years ago
dave 2643883a88 Make LinkTitler a little safer 8 years ago
dave 80d99a8cb0 Fix invalid references 8 years ago
dave 5830ed1059 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elder berries.

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8 years ago
Nick Krichevsky 87b8749438 Add new example config 8 years ago
Nick Krichevsky 8db4615750 Add support for multiple people 8 years ago
dave f790f2be89 use curl instead of wget 8 years ago
dave d8fe715d53 Fix dockerfile again. blame gitlab. 8 years ago
dave 7f51eedee7 Delete apt lists to save space, consolidate run steps. Also fix dockerfile after gitlab upgrade 8 years ago
dave b26e1ef8d5 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
Add LMGTFY module.

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8 years ago
Nick Krichevsky 4d6f08d62a Add url quote instead of subs dict 8 years ago
Nick Krichevsky 3d2139fd8f Add LMGTFY module 8 years ago
dpedu a599ff7212 Add checks to prevent bot saying "None", fix error building youtube message 8 years ago