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.. module::XDCC
:synopsis: Provide XDCC filebot functionality
.. moduleauthor::Dave Pedu <>
import os
from pyircbot.modulebase import ModuleBase, command, hook, regex
from pyircbot.modules.ModInfo import info
from pyircbot.modules.DCC import int2ip
from threading import Thread
class XDCC(ModuleBase):
def __init__(self, bot, name):
super().__init__(bot, name)
self.dcc ="dcc")
@regex(r'cdc list', types=['PRIVMSG'])
def xdcc_list(self, msg, match):
files = sorted(os.listdir(self.config.get("share")))
for i, f in enumerate(files):[0], "{}: {}: {}".format(msg.prefix.nick, i, f))