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PyIRCBot is designed to run on Python 3.5+, and is usually tested with 3.5.
Python 2.x and older versions of 3.x are not supported.
Although **no** non-core modules are needed to run PyIRCBot in it's most basic
form, not all features and modules will be available.
The following non-core Python modules are needed, and easily available through
Pip for python 3:
- praw
- pytz
- PyYAML (yaml)
- requests
The following modules aren't available on pip, and are sourced from various
places. They are NOT required but certain modules won't be available without
- **bitcoinrpc** -
- **pymysql** - (needs \
libmysqlclient-dev on your system)
At time of writing there is a bug that will prevent the bitcoinrpc module from
working with Python 3. When pull `#55`_ is merged, the bug will be fixed.
Until then, using my `fork`_ is recommended.
.. _#55:
.. _fork: