Awesome IRC bot
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#!/ysr/bin/env python3
.. module::LMGTFY
:synopsis: LMGTFY
.. moduleauthor::Nick Krichevsky <>
import urllib.parse
from pyircbot.modulebase import ModuleBase, command
from pyircbot.modules.ModInfo import info
class LMGTFY(ModuleBase):
@info("lmgtfy <term> display a condescending internet query", cmds=["lmgtfy"])
@command("lmgtfy", require_args=True)
def handleMessage(self, msg, cmd):
link = self.createLink(cmd.args_str)[0], "{}: {}".format(msg.prefix.nick, link))
def createLink(self, message):
return BASE_URL + "+".join([urllib.parse.quote(word) for word in message.split()])