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#!/usr/bin/env python
.. module:: Seen
:synopsis: Provides !seen <username>
.. moduleauthor:: Dave Pedu <>
from pyircbot.modules.ModInfo import info
from pyircbot.modulebase import ModuleBase, command, hook
from contextlib import closing
import sqlite3
import time
class Seen(ModuleBase):
def __init__(self, bot, moduleName):
ModuleBase.__init__(self, bot, moduleName)
# if the database doesnt exist, it will be created
sql = self.getSql()
c = sql.cursor()
# check if our table exists
c.execute("SELECT * FROM SQLITE_MASTER WHERE `type`='table' AND `name`='seen'")
if len(c.fetchall()) == 0:"Seen: Creating database")
# if no, create it.
c.execute("CREATE TABLE `seen` (`nick` VARCHAR(32), `date` INTEGER, PRIMARY KEY(`nick`))")
def recordSeen(self, message, command):
# using a message to update last seen, also, the .seen query
datest = str(time.time() + (int(self.config["add_hours"]) * 60 * 60))
sql = self.getSql()
with closing(sql.cursor()) as c:
# update or add the user's row
c.execute("REPLACE INTO `seen` (`nick`, `date`) VALUES (?, ?)", (message.prefix.nick.lower(), datest))
#"Seen: %s on %s" % (nick.lower(), datest))
@info("seen <nick> print last time user was seen", cmds=["seen"])
@command("seen", require_args=True)
def lastSeen(self, message, command):
sql = self.getSql()
searchnic = command.args[0].lower()
with closing(sql.cursor()) as c:
# query the DB for the user
c.execute("SELECT * FROM `seen` WHERE `nick`= ? ", [searchnic])
rows = c.fetchall()
if len(rows) == 1:[0], "I last saw %s on %s (%s)." %
(command.args[0], time.strftime("%m/%d/%y at %I:%M %p",
time.localtime(rows[0]['date'])), self.config["timezone"]))
else:[0], "Sorry, I haven't seen %s!" % command.args[0])
def getSql(self):
# return a SQL reference to the database
path = self.getFilePath('database.sql3')
sql = sqlite3.connect(path)
sql.row_factory = self.dict_factory
return sql
def dict_factory(self, cursor, row):
# because Lists suck for database results
d = {}
for idx, col in enumerate(cursor.description):
d[col[0]] = row[idx]
return d