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@ -114,6 +114,7 @@ class ApiResponse(object):
def render_xml(self):
text_attrs = ['largeImageUrl', 'musicBrainzId', 'smallImageUrl', 'mediumImageUrl', 'lastFmUrl', 'biography',
selftext_attrs = ['value']
# These attributes will be placed in <hello>{{ value }}</hello> tags instead of hello="{{ value }}" on parent
doc = BeautifulSoup('', features='lxml-xml')
root = doc.new_tag("subsonic-response", xmlns="",
@ -143,6 +144,8 @@ class ApiResponse(object):
tag = doc.new_tag(key)
elif key in selftext_attrs:
parent.attrs[key] = value
_render_xml(, root)
@ -268,11 +271,11 @@ class PysonicApi(object):
if not item["isdir"] and item["type"] not in MUSIC_TYPES:
item_meta = item['metadata']
response.add_child("child", _parent="directory", **self.render_node2(item, item_meta, directory, dir_meta))
response.add_child("child", _parent="directory", **self.render_node(item, item_meta, directory, dir_meta))
return response
def render_node2(self, item, item_meta, directory, dir_meta):
def render_node(self, item, item_meta, directory, dir_meta):
Given a node and it's parent directory, and meta, return a dict with the keys formatted how the subsonic clients
expect them to be
@ -410,50 +413,6 @@ class PysonicApi(object):
getCoverArt_view._cp_config = {'': True}
def response(self, status="ok"):
doc = BeautifulSoup('', features='lxml-xml')
root = doc.new_tag("subsonic-response", xmlns="", status=status, version="1.15.0")
return doc, root
def render_node(self, doc, item, item_meta, directory, dir_meta, tagname="child"):
child = doc.new_tag(tagname,
isDir="true" if item['isdir'] else "false",
title=item_meta.get("id3_title", item["name"]),
album=item_meta.get("id3_album", item["album"]),
artist=item_meta.get("id3_artist", item["artist"]),
# playCount="5",
# created="2016-04-25T07:31:33.000Z"
# genre="Other",
# path="Cosmic Gate/Sign Of The Times/03 Flatline (featuring Kyler England).mp3"
if 'kbitrate' in item_meta:
child.attrs["bitrate"] = item_meta["kbitrate"]
if item["size"] != -1:
child.attrs["size"] = item["size"]
if "media_length" in item_meta:
child.attrs["duration"] = item_meta["media_length"]
if "albumId" in directory:
child.attrs["albumId"] = directory["id"]
if "artistId" in directory:
child.attrs["artistId"] = directory["parent"]
if "." in item["name"]:
child.attrs["suffix"] = item["name"].split(".")[-1]
if item["type"]:
child.attrs["contentType"] = item["type"]
if 'cover' in item_meta:
child.attrs["coverArt"] = item_meta["cover"]
elif 'cover' in dir_meta:
child.attrs["coverArt"] = dir_meta["cover"]
if 'track' in item_meta:
child.attrs["track"] = item_meta['track']
if 'id3_year' in item_meta:
child.attrs["year"] = item_meta['id3_year']
return child
def getArtistInfo_view(self, id, includeNotPresent="true", **kwargs):
@ -475,7 +434,7 @@ class PysonicApi(object):
def getUser_view(self, u, username, **kwargs):
def getUser_view(self, username, **kwargs):
user = {} if self.options.disable_auth else self.library.db.get_user(cherrypy.request.login)
response = ApiResponse()
@ -522,12 +481,17 @@ class PysonicApi(object):
item_meta = item['metadata']
itemtype = "song" if item["type"] in MUSIC_TYPES else "album"
response.add_child(itemtype, _parent="starred", **self.render_node2(item, item_meta, {}, {}))
response.add_child(itemtype, _parent="starred", **self.render_node(item, item_meta, {}, {}))
return response
def getRandomSongs_view(self, size=50, genre=None, fromYear=0, toYear=0, **kwargs):
Get a playlist of random songs
:param genre: genre name to find songs under
:type genre: str
response = ApiResponse()
children = self.library.get_songs(size, shuffle=True)
@ -538,5 +502,26 @@ class PysonicApi(object):
item_meta = item['metadata']
itemtype = "song" if item["type"] in MUSIC_TYPES else "album"
response.add_child(itemtype, _parent="randomSongs",
**self.render_node2(item, item_meta, {}, self.db.getnode(item["parent"])["metadata"]))
**self.render_node(item, item_meta, {}, self.db.getnode(item["parent"])["metadata"]))
return response
def getGenres_view(self, **kwargs):
response = ApiResponse()
response.add_child("genre", _parent="genres", value="Death Metal", songCount=420, albumCount=69)
response.add_child("genre", _parent="genres", value="Metal", songCount=52, albumCount=3)
response.add_child("genre", _parent="genres", value="Punk", songCount=34, albumCount=3)
return response
def scrobble_view(self, id, submission, **kwargs):
:param id: song id being played
:param submission: True if end of song reached. False on start of track.
submission = True if submission == "true" else False
# TODO save played track stats
return ApiResponse()