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  dave 5e0e541cf9 fix suffix field 1 month ago
  dave 0d2f9a9587 post-refactor fixes 1 month ago
  dave da53b4e153 dir fixes 1 month ago
  dave c910de0eb0 refactor out library class 1 month ago
  dave bfcb528ddf readcursor -> cursor 1 month ago
  dave f3d888be35 faster search 1 month ago
  dave 5a7fe3a013 playcount 1 month ago
  dave 0c48fc013c dockerfile touchups for kube 1 month ago
  dave 64f738c5f0 fix search 1 month ago
  dave 33f17887c2 fix track ordering 2 months ago
  dave 8340bb3c61 Support recently/most played albums views 2 years ago
  dave 8a19422e0f stats endpoint 2 years ago
  Dave Pedu 41db860297 Update gitignore 2 years ago
  dave bd2ba225ac v2 2 years ago
  dave 7d727c832d Set rating template 3 years ago
  dave e780dd5835 Basic search endpoint 3 years ago
  dave dcfe1626d2 getGenres and scrobble templates 3 years ago
  dave b44b6fb022 Use generic response renderer 3 years ago
  dave 73f0ff1201 Begin abstracting api responses 3 years ago
  dave 7c9b1d7869 File size/duration awarenness 3 years ago
  dave 3fff05bc28 better subprocess handling 3 years ago
  dave efcef1f5df Partial shuffle support 3 years ago
  dave b6daecdd5e starred view 3 years ago
  dave c7af853358 start saving stars 3 years ago
  dave 517e147028 more user stuff 3 years ago
  dave f17d53296e Support auth 3 years ago
  dave 7c13750b4a Workaround when no sortable title available 3 years ago
  dave 0e4f8c10c7 fix reqs 3 years ago
  dave 5eb3f9680f Skip over mutagen errors 3 years ago
  dave 301ce666ca Proper fix 3 years ago
  dave d5f1626c0f Ignore missing type 3 years ago
  dave 0c7fcd58b7 Better id3 track parsing 3 years ago
  dave 7211470493 add module file 3 years ago
  dave 2b87e1d2ec add id3 scanner and support more apis 3 years ago
  dave 99aae4165f transcode non-mp3s 3 years ago
  dave a0d25381c4 args and logging 3 years ago
  dave 1b151d3905 Refactoring 3 years ago
  dave fd82969d5d Initial commit 3 years ago