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  dave 1c57c0332e support xz 1 year ago
  memory 0719ce4a5e Merge pull request #7 from TheClimateCorporation/include-dsc-file 3 years ago
  Nathan J. Mehl 940ce3c07d include dsc in message 3 years ago
  memory 3ab5300187 Merge pull request #6 from TheClimateCorporation/dsc-support 3 years ago
  Nathan J. Mehl 0a9d1aeb74 add support for parsing and validating debian source files 3 years ago
  memory e739492714 Merge pull request #5 from TheClimateCorporation/provide_key 3 years ago
  Nathan J. Mehl bf4295893b it's 2017; provide a sorting key function 3 years ago
  Nathan J. Mehl 520d7cbf3a update readme 3 years ago
  memory c12f30f623 Merge pull request #4 from TheClimateCorporation/attributes-and-tests 3 years ago
  Nathan J. Mehl 3414f1f194 treat control message headers as attributes 3 years ago
  Nathan J. Mehl 26081fcf3e fix tarball string in setup.py 3 years ago
  memory a30e610525 Merge pull request #3 from TheClimateCorporation/fix-get-header 3 years ago
  Nathan J. Mehl f34e875c83 fix get_header, which was doing the opposite of what it claimed 3 years ago
  memory b029a2c1dc Merge pull request #2 from TheClimateCorporation/py3-and-travis 3 years ago
  Nathan J. Mehl c56c520950 python3 and travis support 3 years ago
  Nathan J. Mehl fe2cf7df3d add installing section to readme 4 years ago
  Nathan J. Mehl 7a2439a08c initial commit 4 years ago