RelStorage, but only InnoDB for mysql
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RelStorage is a storage implementation for ZODB that stores pickles in
a relational database. PostgreSQL 9.0 and above (performance is best
with 9.5 and above), MySQL 5.0.32+ / 5.1.34+, and Oracle 10g and 11g
are currently supported. RelStorage replaced the PGStorage project.


* It is a drop-in replacement for FileStorage and ZEO.
* There is a simple way to convert FileStorage to RelStorage and back again.
You can also convert a RelStorage instance to a different relational database.
* Designed for high volume sites: multiple ZODB instances can share the same
database. This is similar to ZEO, but RelStorage does not require ZEO.
* According to some tests, RelStorage handles high concurrency better than
the standard combination of ZEO and FileStorage.
* Whereas FileStorage takes longer to start as the database grows due to an
in-memory index of all objects, RelStorage starts quickly regardless of
database size.
* Supports undo, packing, and filesystem-based ZODB blobs.
* Both history-preserving and history-free storage are available.
* Capable of failover to replicated SQL databases.
* ``zodbconvert`` utility to copy databases.
* Free, open source (ZPL 2.1)


Documentation including `installation instructions`_ is hosted on `readthedocs`_.

The complete `changelog`_ is also there.

.. image::

.. _`installation instructions`:
.. _`readthedocs`:
.. _`changelog`:


RelStorage is hosted at GitHub:

Continuous integration

A test suite is run for every push and pull request submitted. Travis
CI is used to test on Linux, and AppVeyor runs the builds on

.. image::

.. image::

Builds on Travis CI automatically submit updates to ``_ to
monitor test coverage.

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Likewise, builds on Travis CI will automatically submit updates to
``_ to monitor code health (adherence to PEP8, absence of
common code smells, etc).

.. image::
:alt: Code Health