A simple hypervisor controller
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import logging
from zhypervisor.clients.qmachine import QMachine
class MachineSpec(object):
def __init__(self, master, machine_id, machine_type, spec):
logging.info("Initting machine %s", machine_id)
self.master = master
self.machine_id = machine_id
self.machine_type = machine_type
self.options = {} # hypervisor-level stuff like Autostart
self.properties = {} # machine level stuff like processor count
# TODO replace if/else with better system
if machine_type == "q":
self.machine = QMachine(self)
self.options = spec["options"]
self.properties = spec["properties"]
raise Exception("Unknown machine type: {}".format(machine_type))
def start(self):
def stop(self):
self.machine.block_respawns = True