my fork of profit's annoy-antiroach bot

Updated 5 days ago

web-based photo library management software

Updated 1 week ago

dave / covid
Python 0 0

my tools for viewing covid data

Updated 3 weeks ago

Software repository API

Updated 4 weeks ago

dave / printerfw
Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format 0 0

firmware for my 3d printers

Updated 1 month ago

dave / pysonic
Python 0 0

alternative backend for subsonic music server

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 2 months ago

Awesome IRC bot

Updated 4 months ago

Plex in a docker container

Updated 5 months ago

containerized ACME client

Updated 7 months ago

provides a native redis server in front of redis+sentinel

Updated 8 months ago

dave / streamrecord
JavaScript 0 0

DVR for internet radio

Updated 9 months ago

Streamrecord in a container

Updated 9 months ago

Web app for quickly sorting deluge torrents into a library

Updated 10 months ago

Updated 11 months ago

Deluge in a container with openvpn

Updated 1 year ago

Pet feeder logic for AVR chips

Updated 1 year ago

dave / docker-spigot
Dockerfile 0 0

Spigot minecraft server in a container

Updated 1 year ago

python builds

Updated 1 year ago

dave / zpaste
Python 0 0

minimal pastebin with zodb backend

Updated 1 year ago