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Deb builder for extpython
Build process:
- ./build.sh to kick off the process, runs a docker image - docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/src ubuntu:bionic bash
- ./build-inner.sh called in the container, prepares the environment
- ./build-inner.sh switches to an underpriv'd user and calls...
- ./build-deb.sh - does the actual build
- parameterize the build:
- vars.sh needs to pass PYTHON_RELEASE down into the makefile
- debian metadata files need to obey this too:
- changelog: package name and version
- control: package name
- Makefile: a component of the --prefix path
TODO later:
- upload resulting deb to artifact
- support other than Bionic
- separate process into creating the builder image & building the deb itself
- parameter for pre-loaded pip modules