54 Commits (3b6d4ff33da0553795cdbd2dda093853db505183)

Author SHA1 Message Date
dave 4bdce886ab Handle crypto reserve as decimal not float 4 years ago
dave c3e14a8d0d Update cryptowallet + rpc 4 years ago
dave d959db127f Add DCC module 5 years ago
dave b4fcd4703c Again with the tests 5 years ago
dave d9914ca104 Add test harness 5 years ago
dave d55e111767 modernize module system: 5.0.0 5 years ago
dave 3d047bb0cc Add output rate limiting 5 years ago
dave f000194af4 Add rate limiting to SMS 5 years ago
dave 9ed3d3d465 Add SMS module 5 years ago
dave 9b64dc3995 Add regex command hook to fix calc 5 years ago
dave 839d680a28 Add docs and update dockerfiles 5 years ago
dave c1d4b025f7 PubSub message bus modules 5 years ago
dave 5a08b449c7 Update linktitler for new reddit api 5 years ago
dave 493a966a03 Update dockerfile 5 years ago
dave e9349091bd Customizable asciis 5 years ago
dave fd51de7f84 Add highlight mode for ascii module for real legit spamming 5 years ago
dave cc4e3fee72 Add ascii spamming module 5 years ago
dave f11f339b42 Add more networking options 5 years ago
dave d030bc588f Bump dockerfile base OS version 5 years ago
dave f4fda5f60d Ditch asynchat for asyncio. Python 2 no longer supported. 5 years ago
dave 2c0d1a5bf1 Entrypoint must be json 6 years ago
dave 30e6bb4c30 Fix cmd in dockerfile 6 years ago
dave 121696ec01 Remove unnecessary supervisord from Dockerfile 6 years ago
dave 45b68e873d Fix some uno logic bugs 6 years ago
dave e11d068a6e Add ServerPassword module 6 years ago
dave afd31400c6 Add unoplayer module 6 years ago
dave 9aff4f3f2b All writeins 6 years ago
dave 6df801c11e Move election module to right folder 6 years ago
dave 0d3fbfc91c Add election module 6 years ago
Dave Pedu a65295f014 Fix dockerfile, supervisor con for the bot was missing 7 years ago
Dave Pedu f2c4fca1fe Reorganize dockerfile to take advantage of caching 7 years ago
Dave Pedu 67c1c2fab9 Add support for multiple server hostnames 7 years ago
dave 1f9e7225a4 Switch bitcoinrpc source in dockerfile 7 years ago
dave 77c1981a3e Remove yml in dockerfiles #nobuild 7 years ago
dave f6404047cf Remove yaml, convert all configs to json 7 years ago
Nick Krichevsky 87b8749438 Add new example config 7 years ago
dave f790f2be89 use curl instead of wget 7 years ago
dave d8fe715d53 Fix dockerfile again. blame gitlab. 7 years ago
dave 7f51eedee7 Delete apt lists to save space, consolidate run steps. Also fix dockerfile after gitlab upgrade 7 years ago
dpedu cac50fb23a Update link titler module for new youtube api 7 years ago
dpedu 05cce26a52 Fix dockerfile 7 years ago
dpedu 803f852817 Add yelling module 7 years ago
dpedu 88de1be8d2 Add simplified style hook arguments 7 years ago
dpedu 55192d4928 More docs 7 years ago
dpedu e9e21fa051 Add support for user module dir 7 years ago
Nick Krichevsky 73060f91c2 Add generic config 7 years ago
dpedu 79f1db656a Clarify config docs 7 years ago
dave 32d5544900 Add CardsAgainstHumanity module 7 years ago
dpedu d7d63b65a2 Include dockerfile for running 7 years ago
dpedu a019ce4107 Change example config to so simpleyaml isn't required 7 years ago