Awesome IRC bot
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A modular python IRC bot

Quick start

  • Install: python3 install
  • Configure: vim examples/config.json examples/data/config/Services.json
  • Run: pyircbot -c examples/config.json

Running in docker

A dockerfile is included at examples/docker/. From the root of this repository, run docker build -t pyircbot -f examples/docker/Dockerfile . to build it. Typical use is mounting a directory from the host onto /srv/bot; this dir should contain config.json and any other dirs it references.

Building Docs

  • Install sphinx and all modules pyircbot depends on
  • cd docs ; make html
  • Open _build/index.html

Or, use my pre-built copy here.

Alternatively, use the included Dockerfile to create an environment for building the docs. Check docs/builder/

Developing Modules

Check Module Developers Guide in the docs


PyIRCBot has great test coverage. After installing the contents of requirements-test.txt, the script ./ will run all tests. See the contents of the script for more information. See in ./tests/ for more info.


  • Improve/complete docs
  • Write config checker