Awesome IRC bot
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import os
import sys
import pytest
from random import randint
from threading import Thread
from pyircbot.pyircbot import PrimitiveBot
from pyircbot.irccore import IRCEvent, UserPrefix
from unittest.mock import MagicMock
from tests.miniircd import Server as MiniIrcServer
sys.path.append(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "../pyircbot/modules/"))
class FakeBaseBot(PrimitiveBot):
Class that simulates a bot base class. You need to add mocks for any methods you expect called, beyond privmsg.
def __init__(self, config):
self.act_PRIVMSG = MagicMock()
def feed_line(self, trailing, cmd="PRIVMSG", args=["#test"], sender=("chatter", "root", "")):
Feed a message into the bot.
msg = IRCEvent(cmd,
for module_name, module in self.moduleInstances.items():# TODO dedupe this block across the various base classes
for hook in module.irchooks:
validation = hook.validator(msg, self)
if validation:
hook.method(msg, validation)
def fakebot():
# TODO copy data tree to isolated place so each fakebot() is isolated
bot = FakeBaseBot({"bot": {"datadir": "./examples/data/"},
"module_configs": {}})
yield bot
def ircserver():
Fixture providing an isolated IRC server.
:return: tuple of (port, server_object)
port = randint(40000, 65000)
class IRCOptions(object):
channel_log_dir = None
chroot = None
daemon = None
debug = None
ipv6 = None
listen = ""
log_count = 10
log_file = None
log_max_size = 10
motd = None
password = None
password_file = None
pid_file = None
ports = [port]
setuid = None
ssl_pem_file = None
state_dir = None
verbose = None
server = MiniIrcServer(IRCOptions)
server_t = Thread(target=server.start, daemon=True)
yield port, server