Awesome IRC bot
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import pytest
from tests.lib import * # NOQA - fixtures
from unittest.mock import call
def helpbot(fakebot):
Provide a bot loaded with the ModInfo module
return fakebot
def test_helpindex(helpbot):
helpbot.act_PRIVMSG.assert_called_once_with('#test', 'chatter: commands: .help, .helpindex')
def test_help(helpbot):
helpbot.act_PRIVMSG.assert_has_calls([call('#test', 'ModInfo: .help [command] show the manual for all or [commands]'),
call('#test', 'ModInfo: .helpindex show a short list of all commands')],
def test_help_one(helpbot):
helpbot.feed_line(".help .helpindex")
helpbot.act_PRIVMSG.assert_called_once_with('#test', 'RTFM: .helpindex: helpindex show a short list of all commands')