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#!/usr/bin/env python3
.. module::SMS
:synopsis: SMS client script (requires Twilio account)
from time import time
from math import floor
from pyircbot.modulebase import ModuleBase, regex
from pyircbot.modules.ModInfo import info
import cherrypy
from threading import Thread
from import Client
class Api(object):
def __init__(self, mod):
self.mod = mod
def gotsms(self, *args, **kwargs):
Twilio webhook listener
Example payload:
{'To': '+11234567890',
'ToState': 'AL',
'ToZip': '35951',
'ToCountry': 'US,
'NumMedia': '1',
'MediaContentType0': 'image/jpeg',
'MediaUrl0': '',
'From': '+11234567890',
'FromCity': 'ROCHESTER',
'FromState': 'NY',
'FromZip': '14622',
'FromCountry': 'US',
'Body': 'Lol',
'NumSegments': '1',
'SmsStatus': 'received',
'SmsSid': 'xxx',
'SmsMessageSid': 'xxx',
'MessageSid': 'xxx',
'AccountSid': 'xxx',
'MessagingServiceSid': 'xxx',
'ApiVersion': '2010-04-01'}
attachments = []
medias = int(kwargs["NumMedia"])
while medias > 0:
medias -= 1
attachments.append((kwargs["MediaContentType{}".format(medias)], kwargs["MediaUrl{}".format(medias)], ))
self.mod.got_text(kwargs["From"], kwargs["Body"], attachments=attachments)
yield ''
class SMS(ModuleBase):
def __init__(self, bot, moduleName):
ModuleBase.__init__(self, bot, moduleName)
self.apithread = None
self.twilio = Client(self.config["account_sid"], self.config["auth_token"])
# limit-related vars
# How many messages can be bursted
self.bucket_max = int(self.config["limit"]["max"])
# burst bucket, initial value is 1 or half the max, whichever is more
self.bucket = max(1, self.bucket_max / 2)
# how often the bucket has 1 item added
self.bucket_period = int(self.config["limit"]["period"])
# last time the burst bucket was filled
self.bucket_lastfill = int(time())
def check_rate_limit(self):
Rate limiting via a 'burst bucket'. This method is called before sending and returns true or false depending on
if the action is allowed.
# First, update the bucket
# Check if $period time has passed since the bucket was filled
since_fill = int(time()) - self.bucket_lastfill
if since_fill > self.bucket_period:
# How many complete points are credited
fills = floor(since_fill / self.bucket_period)
self.bucket += fills
if self.bucket > self.bucket_max:
self.bucket = self.bucket_max
# Advance the lastfill time appropriately
self.bucket_lastfill += self.bucket_period * fills
if self.bucket >= 1:
self.bucket -= 1
return True
return False
def api(self):
Run the webhook listener and block
api = Api(self)
# 'sessionFilter.on': True,
'tools.sessions.on': False,
'tools.sessions.locking': 'explicit',
# 'tools.sessions.timeout': 525600,
'request.show_tracebacks': True,
'server.socket_port': self.config.get("api_port"),
'server.thread_pool': 1,
'server.socket_host': '',
'server.show_tracebacks': True,
'server.socket_timeout': 10,
'log.screen': False,
'engine.autoreload.on': False})
cherrypy.tree.mount(api, '/app/', {})
def onenable(self):
If needed, create an API and run it
if self.apithread is None and self.config.get("api_port") > 0:
self.apithread = Thread(target=self.api, daemon=True)
def ondisable(self):
Shut down the api
@info("text-<name> text somebody on the VIP list", cmds=["text"])
@regex(r'(?:^\.text\-([a-zA-Z0-9]+)(?:\s+(.+))?)', types=['PRIVMSG'])
def cmd_text(self, msg, match):
Text somebody
contact, message = match.groups()
contact = contact.lower()
if msg.args[0].lower() != self.config["channel"].lower():
return # invalid channel
if message is None:
return # TODO help text
if contact not in self.config["contacts"].keys():
return # TODO invalid contact
if self.config["limit"]["enable"]:
if not self.check_rate_limit():[0], "Sorry, try again later")
body="{} <{}>: {}".format(msg.args[0],
msg.trailing[7 + len(contact):].strip()))
except Exception as e:[0], "Could not send message: {}".format(repr(e)))
else:[0], "Message sent.")
def got_text(self, sender, body, attachments=None):
Webhook callback to react to a message
:param sender: number that sent the message, like +10000000000
:type sender: str
:param body: body text of the sms/mms
:type body: str
:param attachments: if mms, any attachments as a list of (mime, url) tuples
:type attachments: list
name = None
for contact, number in self.config["contacts"].items():
if number == sender:
name = contact
if name is None:
name = sender
body = body.strip()
if body:["channel"], "SMS from {}: {}".format(name, body))
if attachments:
for mime, url in attachments[0:3]:["channel"], "MMS from {}: {} ({})".format(name, url, mime))