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A python3 web app to record internet radio streams and present them in a podcast


  • python3
  • sqlite3
  • jinja2
  • cherrypy
  • uwsgi
  • mkvmerge
  • avconv


  • Checkout the source to somewhere on your system. In the examples below, the path to the root of the source is /home/streamrecord/app/. Cd to here.
  • Write the config for uwsgi, start that daemon
  • Write the config for nginx, and view the page.
  • Create a symbolic link in static/ pointing to files/output/. Command: mkdir files/ ; mkdir files/output/ ; mkdir files/temp/ ; ln -s ../files/output static/test
  • Add a cron job to call http://my.server/api/tick every minute.

Podcast usage: each schedule has a numerical id. To view the podcast, http://my.server/api/getPodcast?id=[number]

Uwsgi config

Something like:

uid = streamrecord
pid = streamrecord
plugins = python3
touch-reload = /home/streamrecord/app/
chdir = /home/streamrecord/app/
wsgi-file = /home/streamrecord/app/
callable = application
master = true
processes = 1
socket =
pidfile = /tmp/
enable-threads = true
no-threads-wait = true
die-on-term = true

Nginx config

Something like:

server {
	listen 30000;
	listen [::]:30000 ipv6only=on;
	include uwsgi_params;
	access_log /var/log/nginx/stremrecord.log;
	location / {
	location /streamrecord/static/ {
		autoindex off;
		alias /home/streamrecord/app/static/;