34 Commits (585efb2c18a08b408ec6e15cb805e372bc392c02)

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dave 585efb2c18 Add E2E test 5 years ago
dave d55e111767 modernize module system: 5.0.0 5 years ago
dave 3d047bb0cc Add output rate limiting 5 years ago
dave 2f88dc28c6 Implement command help system 5 years ago
dave 5c8f6b02fd Refactor modulebase hooks to reduce internal complexity 5 years ago
dave 4daf05858b Cleanup 5 years ago
dave b142c501e7 Reconnect correctly after ping timeouts 5 years ago
dave c1d4b025f7 PubSub message bus modules 5 years ago
dave b09e675189 add command decorator 5 years ago
dave 3b1eaae929 Support reading config from stdin 5 years ago
dave f11f339b42 Add more networking options 5 years ago
dave f4fda5f60d Ditch asynchat for asyncio. Python 2 no longer supported. 5 years ago
dave fa8783e6cc Misc & lint fixes 6 years ago
dave afd31400c6 Add unoplayer module 6 years ago
dave 19b7a95d76 Make some stuff nicer 6 years ago
Dave Pedu 12ed393f6c Prevent crash when bot calls _connect and fails due to dns lookup failure 6 years ago
Dave Pedu 67c1c2fab9 Add support for multiple server hostnames 7 years ago
dave d991bbf0d0 Automatically reconnect if a ping isn't seen in 300 seconds 7 years ago
dave 3acf60d6e9 Bump version number #nobuild 7 years ago
dave f6404047cf Remove yaml, convert all configs to json 7 years ago
dave 80d99a8cb0 Fix invalid references 7 years ago
dpedu cac50fb23a Update link titler module for new youtube api 7 years ago
dpedu 2e25a7ed04 Make sys exit optional 7 years ago
dpedu c6e4ddedf5 Receive correct args on reconnect handler 7 years ago
dpedu d5b6f9fa70 Update docs 7 years ago
dpedu e9e21fa051 Add support for user module dir 7 years ago
dpedu 7543cb604e Switch file to spaces 7 years ago
dpedu c3ed471636 Formatting 7 years ago
dpedu dddfb7a455 Improve backwards compatibility 7 years ago
dpedu 2751eb3d16 Misc cleanup and clarification 7 years ago
dpedu f66f0b03a5 Allow json for native module configs 7 years ago
dpedu a6afeab07d Allow json or yaml config 7 years ago
dpedu 5fc4504b30 Remove core config 7 years ago
dpedu b7eacbfc22 Convert to python module 7 years ago
dpedu 595a38c741 Abstract protocol handling code from bot logic. This will likely break a few modules. 7 years ago
dave f1a7d54208 Added quit/shutdown call to RPC/core 8 years ago
dave 49b8c4785a Allow ModuleHook hooks to be defined as string for a single hook for list for a multiple hooks->1 method relationship 8 years ago
dave 63463f40f2 Updated docs and added a failsafe return in PyIRCBot.messageHasCommand 8 years ago
dave 2ee8408dba Added option to use lists in PyIRCBot.messageHasCommand for easier command aliasing 8 years ago
dave bce1645635 Make RPC be a daemon thread for cleaner exiting 8 years ago
dave 13c5e5794e Solve encoding errors through excessive encoding! 8 years ago
dave 40091588e4 Documenting more things 8 years ago
dave f9581e207e Document more things, finalize docs file structure 8 years ago
dave f8cb6b7575 Begin documenting with Sphinx 8 years ago
dave 5f568a0379 Create data dir on demand 8 years ago
dave 4585b2798a Keep trying to reconnect after losing connection / connection failure 8 years ago
Dave Pedu 67bfd29e4f Misc updates 9 years ago
Dave Pedu 83d30ceab6 Initial commit 9 years ago