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dpedu a14dcaa387 Update readme 7 years ago
dpedu a75dbef233 Clean up sphinx conf 7 years ago
dpedu cb5f9590c9 Fix docs. But they're out of date. 7 years ago
dpedu 2f2b83aab0 Update readme 7 years ago
dpedu 82e84d2667 Module installer should include the submodules 7 years ago
dpedu a019ce4107 Change example config to so simpleyaml isn't required 7 years ago
dpedu d3ba0a6336 Change example script 7 years ago
dpedu f66f0b03a5 Allow json for native module configs 7 years ago
dpedu a6afeab07d Allow json or yaml config 7 years ago
dpedu 374dd17239 Add readme 7 years ago
dpedu 5fc4504b30 Remove core config 7 years ago
dpedu 4812e07e2e Unbreak modules 7 years ago
dpedu b7eacbfc22 Convert to python module 7 years ago
dpedu 99479e193c Fix typo 7 years ago
dpedu a372511ac1 remove extra comment 7 years ago
dpedu 595a38c741 Abstract protocol handling code from bot logic. This will likely break a few modules. 7 years ago
dpedu 0e28e96321 Update gitignore 7 years ago
dave d981e41f05 use logging instead of print 8 years ago
dave 543c6c8bbe Remove old translation 8 years ago
dave 6abde58c6d Remove old scores url 8 years ago
dave f1a7d54208 Added quit/shutdown call to RPC/core 8 years ago
dave f0a495161b Changed .nfl formatting 8 years ago
dave 9f821cfb84 Added NFL scores option to .nfl 8 years ago
dave 84c421692d Added NFL schedule/scores module 8 years ago
dave 3c775d5896 Silence spammy message in Seen module 8 years ago
dave ae973b9ae1 Updated dependancies information 8 years ago
dave aff410543c Changed an inventory setting for sort of better phrasing 8 years ago
dave e93382569d Added bitcoin price module 8 years ago
dave d07db06f94 Thread linktitle functions as they may take time for invalid URLs 8 years ago
dave 008dcda98f Add alias to remind 8 years ago
dave 07052fc278 Added tell module 8 years ago
dave 49b8c4785a Allow ModuleHook hooks to be defined as string for a single hook for list for a multiple hooks->1 method relationship 8 years ago
dave 1e8607f616 Added remind module 8 years ago
dave 69efe84685 Added calc module 8 years ago
dave 3bf6183a96 Added inventory module 8 years ago
dave 084ee9b431 Make main.py +x 8 years ago
dave c2b80f3ca3 Added random quote module 8 years ago
dave 94833aa63a Change thread option on SQLite opens 8 years ago
dave 63463f40f2 Updated docs and added a failsafe return in PyIRCBot.messageHasCommand 8 years ago
dave 2ee8408dba Added option to use lists in PyIRCBot.messageHasCommand for easier command aliasing 8 years ago
dave fc16f0c803 Added weather module 8 years ago
dave 47e03322c3 Added shortcuts to AttributeStorage/Lite 8 years ago
dave 82e7ef2a56 Added sqlite modules 8 years ago
dave bce1645635 Make RPC be a daemon thread for cleaner exiting 8 years ago
dave 764642e34b Allow praw user agent to be configured 8 years ago
dave 480b1c98f4 Auto load config on module init 8 years ago
dave 35b0eba4ec Added basic link title fetcher 8 years ago
dave 176dc96a0d Updated youtube formatting 8 years ago
dave c748cbea87 Added urban dictionary module 8 years ago
dave 13c5e5794e Solve encoding errors through excessive encoding! 8 years ago